About us

The history of modern tea culture

At the beginning of samova stood the journalist Esin Rager and three friends with a common goal: to make more out of tea and herbs than just a hot drink. In 2002 - in times of worldwide uncertainty caused by »9/11« - they developed the hopeful philosophy, the appearance and the first ten types of tea of ​​their new brand samova. Her motto: "We believe in friendship and tasty hot water."

The official starting shot was an unconventional tea dance in Hamburg's Atlantic Hotel on November 3, 2002, to which around 500 guests, young and old, came and were enthusiastic about the idea and the first samova tea collection. Shortly afterwards, the London lifestyle magazine Wallpaper reported on samova and described the four founders as "The Tea Musketeers". Lots of media at home and abroad followed, and word of a modern tea culture quickly got around outside of Germany. The foundation stone was laid. The first retailers and restaurateurs expressed interest in the young brand and samova quickly grew through recommendations.

In 2009 Esin Rager published the first recipe book for samova tea cocktails. The topic of tea found its way into the nightlife of the gastronomy and enthusiastic people who had never dealt with the drink before. The manager magazin named samova a “trendsetter on the market”, and the samova team remains true to this reputation to this day: With constantly new ideas for organic varieties, modern accessories, soft drinks, confectionery and other innovative tea-related products, samova is considered to be Original and pioneer for modern lifestyle foods with a sustainable concept.

The StrandGut Resort in St. Peter-Ording was the first hotel customer to opt for the modern tea culture from samova. At this relaxed place on the North Sea, where the sun and air bring forth some fresh ideas, Seeberger coffee specialties and samova met for the first time in a service for the benefit of the guests. Other business contacts followed, and soon real friendship grew among like-minded people.
In spring 2017, Seeberger and samova decided to work closely together: "We are very pleased to have an experienced sales partner at our side whose corporate culture is built on the same pillars: quality, innovation, trust and responsibility," says Esin Rager Collaboration.

With the move of the company headquarters to the historic waterworks of the Stiftung Kultur Palast Hamburg in the multicultural district of Billstedt, samova is building on its socio-politically motivated origins in the 15th year after it was founded. As part of various projects, the company is actively committed to promoting a respectful and peaceful coexistence of cultures.